“Entrepreneurs: What You Need to Know to Start & Grow Your Business” webinar by Pivot 2 Power, June 10th, 2021 (Denver, CO, USA)

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, had another great event by Pivot 2 Power, where she shared tips and tricks on how to build an international business, together with amazing women entrepreneurs: Ava Trinh-Schuckle (Owner, Ava Trinh Consulting, Inc.), Kathy Meis (Founder and CEO of Bublish) and Jenise Belay (Founder and CEO of BMB2 Legacy Insurance). Caroline accords special thanks to Katherine Smith-Dedrick (Founder, Pivot 2 Power and KSD Law, author and business woman) for inviting me, and the fabulous marketing by Heather Hellmann (Founder, H2 Marketing) and Francesca Smith (Marketing & Business Development Manager, H2 Marketing).