“Ethical dilemmas in the relationship with clients, attorney-client privilege, and duty of confidentiality: A comparative study of lawyers’ ethics in the PRC and other countries” – International Bar Association (IBA) webinar co-presented by the China Working Group (CWG) of the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum (APF), and the IBA Professional Ethics Committee (PEC), April 20th, 2021

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, was happy to co-moderate this interactive webinar with Riccardo Cajola (Cajola & Associati, Milan; Webinar Officer, IBA PEC)! Speakers on the panel were brilliant and insightful: Michael S. Carl (SSEK Legal Consultants, Jakarta), Gábor Damjanovic (Forgó, Damjanovic & Partners, Budapest; Secretary-Treasurer, IBA PEC), Richard Flitcroft (Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Sydney, New South Wales), Ruth Guo (Yingke Law Firm, Beijing) and Rachel McGuckian (Miles & Stockbridge, Rockville, Maryland; Scholarship Officer, IBA PEC). The session opened with an overview of lawyers’ ethics in China, Australia, Hungary, Indonesia and the United States, followed by a discussion on comparison and case studies of ethical dilemmas in each country. Caroline and the panel gave tips on how to manage clients’ relationship and duty of confidentiality before taking questions from attendees. Caroline hopes that the audience are happy with useful takeaways from webinar! Please check https://www.ibanet.org/webinars.aspx for recording.