Les Affaires, March 20th, 2020: “ COVID-19: «Profitez de la crise pour renouveler votre entreprise»” (“COVID-19: Take advantage of the crisis to re-invent your business”)

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, noted that we are all living a very challenging time due to the Covid-19.  Thinking positively, she shared with François Normand (journalist at Les Affaires (Montreal)) about how the coronavirus pandemic has given the firm the opportunity to grow differently by evaluating, assessing and changing some business process to improve the efficiency and visibility of HJM Asia Law & Co LLC.  She spoke about the importance of adopting creative and lean business methods to stay relevant and pro-active with their team, clients and suppliers during this crisis.  Thank you to François for publishing her thoughts in the Montreal business newspaper!  The article can be assessed online at: https://www.lesaffaires.com/secteurs-d-activite/general/covid-19-le-coronavirus-a-transforme-mon-cabinet-pour-le-mieux/616661

Les Affaires, March 20th, 2020 – Caroline Berube