World Summit “4.0 au féminin” in Montreal, November 2019

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law reflects on the last two months of 2019 before officially starting 2020….and can’t wait to continue similar engagements in the new decade.  HJM had the pleasure to be one of the sponsors of “4.0 au féminin” held in Montreal from November 14th to November 16th, 2019, a World Summit of Women in the Manufacturing Industry!  All in line with HJM and Caroline’s personal values to encourage female leaders and female entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry – we know it is not always easy!! Also the reason we set up – a fund to encourage, amongst others, young female entrepreneurs.

This amazing world summit was organised by Saadia Lahekal… a woman passionate in helping manufacturing companies in North America, Europe and Africa to be more global. Congrats Saadia!