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  • IPBA Journal June 2013 issue

    On Friday, April 19th, 2013, during the Annual Meeting in Seoul, Caroline Berube was given a special opportunity to interview the Honourable Justice Cha (also the Minister of National Court Administration) for the IPBA Journal. The following is a summary … Continue reading

  • Primerus Business Law Institute of Asia Pacific Newsletter – Volume 1, June 2013

    Primerus has released its first PBLI-AP Newsletter. Caroline Berube, the managing partner of HJM, was the editor of the newsletter.  Additionally, Caroline and her colleague authored an article titled “Updates on the Personal Data Protection Act” in Singapore which can be … Continue reading

  • Asia Pacific Forum News, March 2013

    Caroline Berube, the Managing Partner of HJM, is the vice-chair for the Asia-Pacific Regional Forum for the International Bar Association (IBA). Part of her duties include being the editor of the frequent APF newsletter. This issue outlined the APF Committee sessions … Continue reading

  • IPBA Journal March 2013

    While in Sydney last year, Caroline Berube was given the opportunity to interview the Honorable Chief Justice Thomas Bathurst for the IPBA Journal. Here’s a link to the condensed version of the conversation that was held on Tuesday, December 18th, … Continue reading


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