The Variable Capital Company: an answer to Singapore’s fund management Sector?

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, the Chair of the Asia Pacific Region for Primerus, a society of the world’s finest independent, boutique law firms, is proud to contribute a feature article on its inaugural Vol. 1 Asia Pacific Newsletter published for April 2020.  Caroline and colleague, Matthew Boyd (Corporate Secretary, HJM Asia Law and Procosec Asia) shared their insights about the Variable Capital Companies Act 2018 which was passed into Singapore law on January 14th, 2020.  The creation of the Variable Capital Company (or “VCC”) represents Singapore’s efforts to boost its fund management industry by providing a fund-friendly legal entity. The article is also featured on the Primerus Xpress Corporate Client e-Newsletter. A special thanks to Chad Sluss (Senior Vice President of Services, Primerus) for coordinating the newsletter from start to finish.  You may access the newsletter and message from the Chair from the attached PDF.


Asia Pacific Newsletter – April 2020