Technology & Biotechnology

Hi Tech and Bio Tech companies are very active in Asia to manufacture components, set up research centers and/or sell technologies and hi-tech products/systems on the Asian markets. In addition, due to the new and very proactive policies set up by the Singapore government to attract hi-tech companies in addition to its always low corporate tax policies, many of our clients choose Singapore as their Asia hub to have their Asia headquarter and then set up various legal entities in China, Taiwan and Korea from their Singapore legal entity.

Intellectual property is one of the most important areas of law in this booming market. With the growth of technology and the globalization of trade, intellectual property interests have been drawing considerable concerns in Asia to modern corporations. With considerable experience and skill in this area of law, HJM offers the full suite of intellectual property services which cover technology transfer, licensing and sub-licensing, know-how and goodwill valuation, patent and trademark strategies, etc.