The global entertainment industry is growing at a fast pace, especially in the fields of theme parks, theatrical show, media, movies, etc. in big cities in Asia and also in second and third tier cities. The growth in the entertainment industry naturally gives rise to a series of legal issues in respect of distribution, licensing, intellectual property, contracts and investments, etc.  As the China market is only partially liberalized to allow foreign investments, foreign investors shall obtain in most cases the relevant licenses for their operation in China.

Our services in this field include:

  • Negotiating and drafting joint venture contracts for foreign investors partnering with Chinese companies in certain restricted entertainment industry;
  • Setting up contractual and equity joint venture vehicles with the authorized scopes of business activities;
  • Obtaining various license and approval applications;
  • Advising on Sino-foreign cooperation in film production; and
  • Devising effective strategy for intellectual property protection in the entertainment industry.

Track records:

  • Setting up companies engaging in theme park and theatre business;
  • Advising an amusement products manufacturer on distribution in Asia and employment of independent contractors;
  • Advising an international company on the distribution of children’s toys in Asia; and
  • Applying for ICP (Internet Content Provider) licenses.