Sorbonne-ASSAS International Law School – LL.M. International Business Law 2017 Winter Short Program, March 14th to 16th, 2017

Caroline Berube had the privilege to teach a wonderful class for 10.5 hours during the 2017 Winter Short Program at the Sorbonne Assas International Law School, Singapore Campus. The class had three very interactive sessions  with Master students, Private Practitioners and General Counsels on “Doing Business in China” covering the Chinese legal system, IP laws, labour laws, corporate law and commercial contracts in China while providing concrete insights with case studies and the approach of the Chinese market by overseas investors.  Details of the program can be viewed here.

Seminario Primerus Asia Pacifico, Hong Kong, 1 y 2 de marzo de 2017- Derecho laboral en Asia – Estrategias para proteger su mayor activo

Caroline Berube ejerció como moderadora en una sesión sobre contratación y despido de personal en Asia utilizando un enfoque comparativo con los panelistas Edward Sun del despacho de abogados Hengtai en Shanghái, Lipu Lee del despacho Fomorsan Brothers de Taiwan y Suwit Suwan del despacho Navinlaw LLC Primerus de Tailandia, fue una jornada interesante, hecha de una manera muy interactiva, incluyendo la aportación y las preguntas de algunos de los 60 asistentes, involucrados en prácticas legales en Hong Kong. Esta sesión formó parte del programa organizado por Primerus, asociación de los principales bufetes de abogados independientes del mundo. El programa se llevó a cabo de forma conjunta con la Asociación de Asesores Corporativos del Comité de Asuntos Jurídicos Internacionales en Hong Kong. El programa completo del seminario se puede ver aquí.

Sorbonne-ASSAS International Law School, LL.M. International Business Law 2016-2017 Intellectual Property in Asia, December 2016

Teaching “Intellectual Property in Asia” to the class of Sorbonne-ASSAS International Law School, LL.M. International Business Law 2016-2017 in December 2016 was again a great experience for our Managing Partner, Caroline Berube. She is a Canadian New York/Singapore attorney who has been based in Asia and handling corporate/ commercial law with technology companies from all over the world dealing with their IP matters in the Asia Pacific region for more than 18 years. She has built up a well-respected  level of expertise and is especially well-regarded for her practical advice on technology transfer, IP special vehicles and IP matters in Asian countries.

Interlegal General Assembly Meeting, Barcelona, October 23rd, 2016

Caroline Berube, the Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law as the Chairperson of the Corporate Group of Interlegal, was a speaker at the Interlegal General Assembly Meeting held in Barcelona. The session focussed on 10 key points in a M&A Technology Transaction in China. Interlegal with its significant presence caters to full range of corporate services, completed by knowledge of business, customs and local culture within each country and held its annual meeting with EURA Audit, a group of accounting firms from all over the world. More information on the event can be viewed here.

International Bar Association, 2nd Annual M&A in the Technology Sector Conference 2016, Tel Aviv, October 28th/29th, 2016

The conference was jointly presented by the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee and the IBA Technology Law committee. Caroline Berube, given her experience in IP, her position as Officer of the Intellectual Property Committee and her corporate law experience, spoke at a session titled “Due Diligence in Technology transactions, with a focus on privacy and big data issues”. The session focused on end to end execution of IP transactions and challenges in cross-border asset transactions. The full programme of the event can be viewed here.

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal Webinar on “Intellectual Property in China”, Training Event, November 2016

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal organised a webinar on subject “Intellectual Property in China”. Caroline Bérubé, the Managing Partner of HJM Asia Law, was the key speaker during the webinar. Caroline has been a regular speaker at many international conferences in North America, Europe and Asia on corporate and commercial law, employment and IP matters in Asia, with a strong focus on China and South East Asia. The webinar principally focussed on intellectual property rights, and thereby protect yourself and your company, particularly in a constantly evolving new environment in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on China. The details on this webinar can be viewed here.