Spanish Desk

Providing services in your language coming to Asia

Spain is a broad and well-developed market but Spanish companies account for just a small percentage of the 10,000 EU companies that have set up shop in Singapore, less than 1%. We understand that our clients have a desire for a personal contact with the same cultural background and who speaks the same native language and therefore present a Spanish desk to serve our Spanish- speaking clients to invest in Asia.

HJM Asia Law, with its robust presence in Singapore, China and South East Asia presents capabilities both on the local and on the international front to assist clients with their activities in Asia.

HJM Asia Law boasts extensive experience in assisting European businesses operating and investing in Singapore and China. Our highly professional advisers and multi-cultural identity enables our Spanish Desk professionals to exhibit specific knowledge of both Spanish and Singapore markets, culture, business environments, regulations and practices.

Our Spanish desk offers Spanish-speaking professionals providing expert knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of the challenges Spanish investors face when establishing their structures in Asia.

HJM Asia Law provides a full range of corporate services and is equipped with high expertise and extensive experience in assisting Spanish businesses in Singapore, China and South East Asia. Our European identity enables our Spanish Desk professionals to exhibit specific knowledge of both Spanish and Singapore accounting and regulatory requirements, as well as to provide business advisory services to our Spanish and Spanish-speaking clients in Singapore.

Caroline Berube, Managing Partner of the firm, qualified in New York and Singapore and is assisted by a team of specialized lawyers from several jurisdictions. She has more than nineteen years of success based in different countries in the Asia-Pacific region representing companies growing their operation in Asia.

The clients will benefit from HJM’s global network, including Ms. Berube’s Spanish relationships such as with Jausas Legal in Barelona and her longstanding association with Justinian Lawyers and AEA International Lawyers Network, both associations based in Alicante, Spain, thereby strengthening the links of the firm with Spain. Furthermore, Ms. Berube regularly travels to Barcelona to participate in events such as the Interlegal Assembly, where she was chair of the corporate specialist group, the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) Annual General Meeting, IBA Meetings and the Law Europe International AGM.

Ms Berube also has relationships with other Spanish-speaking counties such as Mexico where she acts chair of the corporate specialist group at the Interlegal Assembly.

HJM has experiences in numerous areas of practice including:

  • Cross border Merger and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Incorporation of companies and compliance work (company set ups, legal and regulatory compliance work with the different authorities in different countries such as ACRA, AIC, SAFE, Labour Bureau, Tax Bureau, etc.);
  • Commercial law including advice on drafting different commercial agreements like distribution agreement, franchise agreement, SPA and OEM agreements;
  • Intellectual property (registration, opposition and infringement proceedings, licensing of intellectual property rights and technology transfers);
  • Regulatory and compliance advice, including advising on the licensing regime and set up business in China and Singapore across various industries; and
  • Cross jurisdictional dispute resolution for companies or individuals, particularly in China (under CIETAC rules in China).

We truly believe that the practice of law requires an understanding of our clients’ industry and strategy combining knowledge of the local legal requirements. HJM is a multicultural boutique law firm with a personalised feel and we take pride in our innovative legal solutions and business adaptability to deal with the diversity and varied requirements of our Spanish-speaking clients investing in South East Asia and China.