Global Mobility and Business Immigration

In today’s fast-paced world, global mobility and the ability to seamlessly move across borders has become a necessity. HJM offers two types of services:

  1. Business Mobility

    Due to the increasing pace of globalization, it is now more common for companies to be headquartered in one country, to establish offshore entities and transfer employees between operations.HJM provides business clients with a fast, efficient and cost-effective service for all business immigration matters for companies relocating staff, whether temporarily or permanently, in Asia or to operations abroad.

  2. High Net Worth Private Client Migration

    For the private client seeking flexibility, for either ease of travel or relocation to a new country, HJM provides tailored advice on leading international citizenship/residency-by-investment programs to overcome mobility challenges.

Our services in this field include:

  • Advising on visa types for all potential short-term and long-term foreign staff.
  • Organizing employment passes, work permits, residence permits, permanent resident permits and entry visas for foreign staff of foreign or local companies.
  • Organizing all necessary paperwork, documentation, notarization services and health testing for foreigners wishing to be based in Asia.
  • Advising on the retention of an individual’s status on international assignments or related challenges.
  • Conduct internal immigration program audits for clients to assess employer compliance.
  • Provide immigration services for spouses and dependants, including guidance on options or alternative programs and pathways aligned with broader personal interests.
  • Advising on suitability of vetted global citizenship programs for high net worth individuals, including investor, entrepreneur and skilled professionals.

Our track record:

  • Organizing residence permits for Malaysian companies in Zhongshan, China.
  • Organizing employment passes and residence permits in China for leading Canadian companies.
  • Assisting a Canadian manufacturing company in South China dealing with extension of its employee’s business visas.
  • Advising North American companies on policies for hiring Chinese and Canadian/American nationals, including visa, tax, nationality and citizenship matters.
  • Advising a French company on temporary residence permits required for its employees.
  • Advising a Belgian car component company on visa and dual tax related issues for its management team.
  • Advising a French national, temporarily resident in China, on permanent relocation opportunities to Canada.
  • Advising a US company on employee mobility issues for work assignments in Canada for Chinese nationals.
  • Organising business visitor visas for Chinese joint-venture employees to Canada, USA and the EU.
  • Arranging visa applications to both China and Canada/United States for high net worth individuals.


Labor and employment law is critical to our clients’ organizations, and it is often complicated in China, especially in relation to Chinese staff of foreign companies. HJM’s lawyers always pay full attention to the legal developments, nuances and changes that could impact our clients’ workplaces.

Our services in this field include:

  • Providing legal advice with regard to all HR-related issues
  • Drafting and negotiation of individual or collective employment agreements
  • Assisting clients in relation to their employee insurance and termination matters
  • Drafting internal policies and employee handbooks
  • Drafting or reviewing other agreements between our clients and their employees, such as non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreement and training programs/agreements

Our track record:

  • Drafting an employment agreement between a Canadian listed IT company and its staff
  • Advising a Canadian financial corporation on the employment of foreigners in China
  • Advising a German company on termination procedures, laws and tactics after a breach by one of its key staff of a confidentiality agreement
  • Assisting a French company in organizing the payment for the required social insurances for its Chinese staff
  • Assisting a German company in the requisite employment procedures for foreign and Chinese staff
  • Advising a Canadian trading company on the termination of labor contracts
  • Advising various American clients on how to arrange training programs in a manner most beneficial for the employer